The GRACI Team

The GRACI project is led by Dr. Deirdre Brown, who is working in collaboration with associate researchers from the UK and Australia. Deirdre is a senior lecturer in the School of Psychology at Victoria University, with 16-years research experience. Deirdre was awarded a Marsden Fund grant to support her continued work in this field.

The GRACI team includes Associate Investigators from the UK and Australia

Prof. Michael Lamb
Professor of Psychology,
University of Cambridge

Prof. Charlie Lewis
Department Head & Professor of Psychology,
University of Lancaster

Dr. Sonja Brubacher
Researcher and Industry Trainer,
Centre for Investigative Interviewing,
Griffith University

Danélle and Helen are research assistants in the Applied Developmental Psychology Lab at Victoria University of Wellington. They will be visiting childcare centres and schools to conduct interviews and assessments with children participating in our studies.

Danélle Walker
Research Assistant
Danélle has her MEdPsych from Victoria University, her PGDip in Child Centred Practice and BA (Psyc) from the University of Otago.
Helen Pierce
Research Assistant
Helen has a PGDip in Psychology from Massey University and her BSc from the University of Otago.

Tui is completing her Masters by thesis, in Psychology, at Victoria University of Wellington (VUW). She is examining the use of visual aids and ground rules in forensic interviewing of children. Tui also completed her Honours at VUW in 2017, which examined the relationship between false-belief tracking and motor representations in adults.

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