Study Two

***For parents using this website to help guide an informed decision on consent, please also read the pamphlet sent home with your child. This pamphlet includes important information not available on this website.
For general information on participation and consent in the GRACI  project please visit our For Parents page.

What is involved?

The Event
For study two, a team of research assistants will present a scripted classroom-based health and safety demonstration at participating childcare centres and schools. This demonstration will be the same in all places we work.

The Interview
One of our research assistants will visit the school two weeks after the class-based demonstration to complete an individual interview. Children may receive instructions on interviewing ground rules before being asked questions about the health and safety demonstration. This session will take approximately 30 minutes.

  • Both the event and the interview will be video-recorded so that we can later check responses.
  • Both the event and the interview will take place during childcare/school time, and at times that do not disrupt important activities.
  • Children are given a thank-you gift after the event and interview, like stickers or stationery as a token of appreciation.

Tell me more about the health & safety demonstration

Children will complete two activities that include contact with a peer. For example, feeling for a pulse, using a stethoscope to listen for a heartbeat, or basic first aid for dressing a cut.

Each activity will be directed and supervised by a research assistant. There will be 5-6 research assistants present during the demonstration that will run for approximately 40-minutes.

Parents – What do I need to know?

Because talking about an event before or after it happens can affect memory, we ask that you do not talk about any part of the study with your child until after we have completed the interview. If your child brings up their involvement in this study, then please only talk about it briefly.  Please do not allow your child to read the information sent home.

Parents – 3 Consent Options

The first option is full consent.
You consent to your child participating in the class-based health & safety demonstration, and the interview.

The second option is non-participant consent.
You consent to your child being present for the class-based health & safety demonstration (that will be video recorded), but you do not consent to them being interviewed. Data will not be collected for children under this option as they do not participate in the research part of this study (the interview).

The last option is No consent.
You do not consent to your child participating in either the class-based health & safety demonstration or the interview. Alternative arrangements will be made for your child when the class-based event takes place.