Study One

Study One data collection is now finished and will will not be accepting any additional participants into this study.

This pages contains information about study one.

If you are a parent or caregiver who is using this website to guide your informed consent decision, please ensure that you have visited the For Parents. There you will find general information about consent and participation in GRACI project studies.

What is involved?

Children participating in study one will be seen two times at their childcare centre or school.

In the first session, Danélle or Helen talk with participating children, asking them to explain the meaning of different ground rules (e.g. “I don’t know”) and when they should be used. Children are asked to talk about their morning, before finishing the session with a short verbal learning activity that involves listening and answering questions.

We expect session one to take about 30 minutes , and it will be video recorded so we can later check children’s responses.

In the second session, Danélle or Helen will revisit participating children to complete additional learning and memory tasks. These tasks involve pointing to shapes, repeating lists of numbers, and a short computer-based activity where children are asked to sort pictures of animals.

We expect session two will take about 30 minutes to complete, and it will not be video recorded. We will usually complete session two a few days after the first, but in some cases it may be a little longer.

Both sessions will all take place during centre or school time, in a private room, at times that do not disrupt important activities. After each session children are given a small thank-you gift, like stickers or stationery as a token of appreciation.

A short task for parents/caregivers

A parent or caregiver for each participating child will be asked to compete a short Social Skills Questionnaire. We estimate it will take approximately 10 minutes to complete, and this can be done online or in a paper version.

Parents/caregivers: When returning a consent form please ensure you have completed the Additional Information Form as this tells us how you would prefer to receive the Social Skills Questionnaire. If you require a replacement form please email

“Hello, I’m Abby the alien”

Did your child recently participate in study one and come home talking about Abby the alien?

Abby is our friendly alien from outer space, who doesn’t know anything about our planet. We ask children to describe to Abby what different ‘ground rules’ mean to teach her how we talk with each other.