Information For Parents

Thank you for supporting the GRACI project.
Here, you will find commonly asked questions about your child’s participation in our studies. Please visit our Study Two page for more detailed information about this specific study. If you would like any further information please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to answer any questions that you have.
The GRACI Team.

What happens to the information that is collected on my child?

When we have all the information from all of the children we will combine it together and make sure nothing can identify your child. That information will be used for looking for patterns across groups to find our results. These results, including quotations may be published or presented at conferences.

The information your child provides during the interviews will be kept indefinitely and may also be used in future research. It may be shared with other professionals (e.g. researchers) upon request. No data that could identify your child will be shared.

The videos and consent forms (that can identify your child) will be kept for 5-years after the study is published, before being destroyed. All identifying information will be stored electronically with password protection, and will be treated as confidential. Access to the videos is restricted to researchers who have been granted permission by Dr Deirdre Brown. The videos of your child will not be published or shared at conferences.

What if I change my mind?

That is okay. You or your child can withdraw from the study, without giving any reason, up until 2 weeks after the final session. Just let us know by contacting one of the research assistants.

Can my child say “no”?

Very simple, YES. Before every session, we will explain to your child what types of activities we would like to do, and we will check with your child to make sure they are happy to participate. If they do not want to participate, or want to stop at any time, then we will stop straight away.

Can I receive individual feedback on my child?

We don’t provide individual feedback. Responses are grouped together to check for patterns across groups (e.g. age, gender). For this reason, we can only provide summary feedback and do not provide individual feedback about any child in this study.

Need a form replacement?

We would be happy to send you any replacement forms via email, in the post, or to your child’s childcare centre or school. Please let us know if you need one.

Can I consent online?

Yes. We are now able to accept online consent from parents.

Please click here if you are a parent who would like to complete online consent for Study Two.

If you would like us to send you an electronic version of the Consent Form or Additional Information Sheet please email:, or

**Important Note**
Parents Consenting to Study Two. The information provided on this website, is intended only, as supplementary to the information sent home with your child.

Please read the Information Pamphlet before completing online consent. A copy of this information pamphlet is available through online consent, please click here, and select “I have not read the parent information pamphlet and would like to read this online now”. After reading this pamphlet you will be able to continue on to provide online consent should you wish.

What is your disclosure policy?

If a child brings up any information that gives us concern for their or others’ well-being or safety, then we will notify the childcare centre or school so that their child protection policy can be followed.