Get Involved

Volunteer Researchers

If you are interesting in contributing to our research on a volunteer basis, please get in touch with Dr Brown. Student volunteers can assist with running research events in schools, processing the data (e.g., transcribing interviews) and other lab-based activities. Volunteering in a research lab is great experience if you’re thinking about doing a postgraduate degree.

Research Supervision

Dr Brown may be available for supervision of research relating to the following areas:

  • Children’s eyewitness testimony
  • Issues relating to interviewing strategies for use with children in a range of contexts
  • Children’s memory development
  • Children’s narrative development
  • How to support and maintain parents’ motivation to engage with interventions targeted at their child’s functioning
  • Parental recall of health information about their children


Parents, community groups and professionals that may be interested in participating in our work may contact Dr Brown for more information.

Contact Dr Brown about any of these opportunities for involvement.